How to Find the Man of Your Dreams

Having a guy of your dream may bring so much happiness in your love life, an inspiration to look up on your everyday life and a shock absorber when everything turns out to be bad.


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Not all women are as lucky as Cinderella, Snow white or Rapunzel. We are all princesses in our own right, but we have different love stories. Unlike in fairytales, our prince charming will not arrive if we just stay in the castle. We might just die there waiting for them to arrive! So girls get out of your shells and hunt those men!

I know that there are a lot of things running through your minds now; I know that almost all of you are not comfortable on doing the first move. Let me try to answer those questions.

Is it okay for me to make the first move?

Yes my dear, it is okay for us girls to make the first move, BUT don’t be too aggressive, boys might get turn off. Some boys are shyer than the girls, so we have to be the one to take a move. Don’t ruin this opportunity for this would be his first impression on you. And remember! First impression lasts.

Do I have to confess my feelings to him right away?

Take it easy girl! We are not in a marathon; take everything smoothly, slowly but surely. Know him first, what he likes, what he dislikes. And the most important, know if he is in a relationship. You don’t want to end up as a mistress do you?

What if he still doesn’t make a move?

Be friend with him, greet him every time you see him, make him comfortable with you BUT don’t annoy him.

What if I end in a friend zone?

Don’t be afraid to be friend zoned, be the best friend for him; make him feel that he is important to you, that you are willing to do anything just to make him happy. Make him feel that you love him and that he is special.

Boys are just like us girls; they know if someone likes him, maybe your dream guy is just shy to ask you on a date. Do the first move, it is not bad at all. Be confident girl, you’re pretty and smart.